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Unique Tattoo Wedding Rings for Extraordinary Couples

Unique Tattoo Wedding Rings for Extraordinary Couples

Have you ever considered the tattoo wedding rings instead of traditional and conventional ones? The tattoo wedding rings surely will be a stunning choice for you who love tattoo. Apart from that, rather than opting for the conventional and traditional wedding rings, using permanent ink tattooed to your body will leave the mark forever in your lifetime; ‘till the death do us part’ is literally true here!

Cool Tattoo Wedding Rings Ideas and Inspirations

What are the symbols representing the eternal love? You can use those symbols as your tattoo wedding rings! For example, try the simple infinity tattoo as alternative for your wedding ring. The infinity symbol will represents the never ending love perfectly, while looking stunning on your ring finger too! What about circle? Each of you may have half of circle tattooed on your ring finger. This way, when you put your ring fingers side by side, both of you will have a full circle. It’s just like another way saying you are one!

Other popular idea for tattoo wedding rings is writing down names or initials of your partner in permanent ink. This may appear like a simple wedding ring tattoo idea, however, the personal touch will be truly incredible to be cherished for a lifetime. To make the tattoo more attractive, you surely may need to choose perfect font style. You can also opt for colored ink too, instead of simple black one.

There are still many incredible and creative tattoo ideas you can explore to inspire you in making yours. For example is the cool nautical theme or the date when you first met or dated. How about the cute red tattoo resembling red thread on pinky fingers? Don’t people often say red thread is what connects two persons who are meant to be together for a lifetime? However, if you want something truly simple, black line for your tattoo wedding rings on ring finger will be a cool idea too.

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