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Tiffany Engagement Ring to Show Your Love and Affection

Tiffany Engagement Ring to Show Your Love and Affection

If you are currently looking for a perfect ring to be offered to your love when you finally have the courage to ask the question, we suggest you to opt for the Tiffany engagement ring. We have some reasons why you should choose Tiffany engagement ring instead of one from other famous jewelers. Undoubtedly, the beautiful design is one of them. Apart from that, Tiffany & Co can guarantee you the best quality to make your token of love truly admirable.

Why Tiffany Engagement Ring?

Tiffany applies the strict standard of excellence to guarantee the Tiffany engagement ring, which goes beyond the standard 4Cs: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Rather than cutting the diamonds to maximize the carat weight, Tiffany does it to maximize the brilliance, which gives the significant difference. It is because Tiffany always chooses beauty than size. Then, the color of engagement diamond ring is ideally clear and nearly colorless, which is rated as I level. This level is the only acceptable minimum standard for diamonds in Tiffany.

However, to ensure the loyal customers that Tiffany engagement ring offers only best of the best diamonds, Tiffany applies additional quality standard of 4Cs: precision, symmetry, and high polish rating. Precision refers to mastery and ability of diamond cutter. As for the symmetry, it relates to the perfect proportion of diamond cut to affect the appearance thoroughly. Lastly, the higher the polish rating for a diamond is, the more its beauty accentuated.

Apart from quality control for diamond, Tiffany also offers excellent customer service. You can consult with Tiffany diamond expert either by phone or scheduling a store visit. The engagement rings from Tiffany & Co are also available in wide-ranging price to meet any of your budget limits, starting from $1,000 to millions of dollar. The Tiffany Diamond Certificate which comes along with the Tiffany engagement ring also includes Lifetime Warranty, in addition to courtesy lifetime cleaning.

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