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Edwardian Engagement Rings That Bring the Real Vintage Look

Edwardian Engagement Rings That Bring the Real Vintage Look

Edwardian engagement rings give endless vintage look since these kinds of rings come from Edwardian Era, Art Nouveau period that was begun in 1901 when Prince Edward took his mother throne, Queen Victoria as the King of England. Then, the rings that came in that era were called as Edwardian engagement rings which were indeed so classic and vintage. It is because the designs are totally focused on details and intricate look which cite the richness and feminism of this kind or ring.

Edwardian engagement rings are made with filigree techniques of putting many precious and gems on the surface that gives full and classy look. Another, there was choices that involve a small border of platinum beads set around the edges that gives soft look. Those two techniques are mostly found in Edwardian engagement rings.

Edwardian Engagement Rings That Bring Lavish Classic with Diamonds

Edwardian engagement rings are indeed detailed and intricate in designs; the designs are even more and more detailed and intricate compare to its previous eras’ designs which means that these kinds of rings are totally unique and lavish. Edwardian engagement rings are lavish because you will find the lots of diamonds are used instead of metal that make the designs are rich and big. The diamonds are set in lace that give prestigious and full look for the lace, moreover its airy and light appearance makes many vintage ring lovers opt for these rings.

Edwardian Engagement Rings That Are Shinier with Other Precious Metals

Edwardian engagement rings are not always prestigious only with diamonds; you will find other gem stones and precious metals which are used like pearls and platinum. Along with diamonds, those two precious metals are used to cite Edwardian engagement rings with its beauty and femininity. Thus, we can say that the prices will be quite expensive because the lots of usage for those pricey metals, but still Edwardian engagement rings are beautiful despite its pricey and expensive prices.

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