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Edwardian Engagement Rings Buying Tips

Edwardian Engagement Rings Buying Tips

Edwardian engagement rings will be very suitable for those who like old and vintage things. Many of Edwardian ring designs are inspired by the vintage era. It can be the Art Deco era or the beginning of twentieth century. Somehow, people love the 1910s-1920s design of these Edwardian engagement rings. It is a symbol of classic taste and elegant appearance.

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings for Your Fiancé

People should know that the dazzling concept of Edwardian engagement rings is basically characterized with the central diamond. The diamond can be round, oval, or square, depends on the design. The diamond is hold by uniquely designed platinum. The sides of the ring are decorated with various smaller diamonds. Another key feature of Edwardian rings is the giant diamond. Sometimes, the diamond can be replaced with blue sapphire or its combinations.

Since the Edwardian engagement rings really vary, people can choose one from the available carats. There are 3.00, 2.42, 1.10, 4.10, 1.52, 0.98 carat diamond, and other sizes. It is equipped with the highest quality platinum. People can opt for white gold as an alternative for the platinum too. This way, the ring has high quality and won’t dissatisfy buyers. The price itself depends on the carats of the diamond and the design. The simple 0.45 carat vintage ring with white gold, for example, is priced around $2,800. Meanwhile, the 2.33 carat diamond platinum ring can be priced near $23,000. People with bigger budget can buy the Tiffany & Co. 3.14 carat diamond Edwardian ring which price is $100,000.

If you want to buy an Edwardian ring for your girlfriend, you should directly visit the jewelry store. You can choose one from many options there. But, you can find it through the online jewelry shops too. Shopping in a physical jeweler brings benefit to you, as you can directly check the quality of the ring. Once you have bought the Edwardian engagement rings, we guarantee that it will mesmerize your girlfriend.

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