Disney Princess Wedding Rings: Tips on Maintaining the Ring | Wedding Ideas

Disney Princess Wedding Rings: Tips on Maintaining the Ring

Disney Princess Wedding Rings: Tips on Maintaining the Ring

No matter how beautiful it is, Disney princess wedding rings can be dirty over time. To keep it as shiny as the first time you wear it on the altar, you should maintain it. To do it, you should clean it once in a while to keep the beauty. Another thing to be done is storing it in the right way. We are going to discuss it here.

Cleaning Disney Princess Wedding Rings

To clean, you will need water, soft toothbrush, and the cleaning solution. People have different method in cleaning Disney princess wedding rings. You can use baking soda, ammonia, or dish cleaning solution. These three solutions are perfect to turn the dull ring to be shiny again. If you are using these liquids, you have to mix it with water first. Usually, the ratio is 1:1 or 1:2 for the liquids and water, respectively. Then, in cleaning, you have to scrub all parts of the ring very carefully using the soft toothbrush.

Make sure the small parts of Disney princess wedding rings are also reached. Once all the parts are cleaned, you should rinse the ring with water. The last thing to do is drying the ring. You can use dry cloth to do this. Rub the ring gently until it really is dry. If you feel it is difficult to clean it, you can contact professional jeweler near you. Visit their store and let them clean the Disney princess wedding rings for you.

Storing Disney Princess Wedding Rings

Another important thing to do is storing the ring in a right way. Basically, you will get the ring in a jewelry box. But, if you want to further protect it, you can add soft fabric to the box. Another way is moving the ring to a leather box. Make sure that the outer part is hard enough and the inside part is very soft. It is also crucial to avoid the ring from any contact with substances like shampoo, cosmetics, hairspray, and other small things. It won’t directly damage the ring, but overtime it can make the ring looks dull. Thus, always remove your Disney princess wedding rings before you are in contact with any chemical.

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